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Hire me as an Online Session Guitarist for your Music Productions! 

Multi style Online Session Guitarist available for any kind of music production. 

I am a longtime professional musician with more than 20 years of experience in many different music projects and styles. 

I recorded two albums as a solo guitar player and singer, I have been recording for lots of different indie artists during the past years, and I will use all my experience to work as a remote session guitar player in my home studio, to record high-quality electric and acoustic guitars for your productions. 

Working for you remotely as a session guitar player can be an immense advantage: you will save in costs, time, efforts, and you won’t be forced to work solely with the musicians around your area as you don’t have choice. 

Working with me as a recording guitarist will give you all the necessary flexibility to make every of your production sounding great, investing a fraction of the cost and the time you could invest by following the more “traditional” path. 

I will commit to record music you will be proud to listen to, and I will make every music passage unique by choosing the best sound and guitar part for any requirement. 

Hi! My name is Ignazio Di Salvo, and I offer my services as an online session guitarist

Besides writing and performing my original music, I also work as a remote online session guitarist in my private home studio.

Firstly, during the past years, I have had the opportunity to record for many independent artists from all over the world, covering a wide range of music styles and approaches to my beautiful instrument.

Secondly, I offer to my clients a high level of professionalism, reliability, great communication, and crazy attention to details customer’s needs.

In addition, I will record great-sounding guitars for your productions in no time, no matter what is the music style, or the kind of sound required.

After that, I work with a vast library of guitar sounds, software products, and impulse responses, that allow me to cover practically any music style out there.

I am very open-minded in music tastes, and during the latest years, I studied carefully many music languages, while at the same time being focused on my own way to express myself and my songs. I had the opportunity to absorb many music languages thanks to my studies and my experiences with cover bands and small to big music projects:

Rock, Metal, EDM, Pop, Jazz, Funk, Ambient, Post-Rock, Dance, Hip-Hop, Soul, Rap, Latin, and Country among all.

Therefore, I like a lot to transform my playing in the function of the music itself, in order to give each song the right arrangement, sounds, and guitar parts.

I like to choose the best sound for each song, crafting each part until it becomes a natural element of the arrangement.

I like to model my playing and my guitar sound in the function of every song, even by playing something very small and simple but incredibly efficient. 

I have been studying and absorbing the style of guitar players like The Edge (U2), Andy Summers (Police), Steve Lukather, Pete Thorn, Tim Pierce, and Neal Shon. All of them are incredible players, able to ADD fresh and simple ideas to the music, while perfectly fitting what the songs really need to stand out. 

Contact me HERE to check my availabilities for your recordings. 

Why you must choose to have my guitars in your productions: Whatever the music style, the sounds, and the purpose of your production, you will have the best-sounding electric and acoustic guitars in one or two days. 

Guitar Tracks and Arrangements

Guitar Tracks and Arrangements

High Quality recorded electric or acoustic guitar tracks. All styles covered. Tracks are sent both wet and dry. Direct input only also available.
Fast Delivery

Fast Delivery

Tracks and arrangements are delivered in 2-3 days max.
The right sound for your production

The right sound for your production

The combination of amps, cabinets, IRs and Effects to make your guitars sound AMAZING.
A wide range of Classic to Modern Guitar sounds

A wide range of Classic to Modern Guitar sounds

I can cover sounds from classic Strat, Tele, and Les Paul to more processed and conceptual soundscapes.

How does my service work?

  1. Contact me to know my availabilities
  2. Send me your audio files with WeTransfer to the address ignaziodisalvo@gmail.com. Please, send only audio files .wav exported from 00:00:00 in your Daw. Don’t send mp3. Files should be 24bit 44100. 
  3. Send me audio files or youtube videos or whatever you desire to perfectly describe and define the kind of sound that you want. The more I have information, the more I can get close to your requirements. 
  4. Book a gig on my site related to your specific needs
  5. Let’s start! 
  6. I will send you back the audio in 2-3 days max. Revisions are always possible until we get the result that you want!

My main studio guitars

My Guitar Sounds



Pop, Funk, EDM

Example of an entirely arranged Pop Song


Acoustic Guitars

70 Euro

Short Recording

Single guitar track 

One Single beautiful track

Electric or acoustic

No solo

HQ Audio File (DRY and WET)

D.I. Sound on demand

100 Euro

1 Complete Electric Guitar Rhythm Part – Double Tracked – Single Line 

(ex. Strum OR Muted)


HQ Audio File (DRY and WET)

D.I. Sound on demand

It can be Rhythm or Solo

Direct Amp sound on demand

250 Euro

1 Complete Electric Guitar Arrangement of Your Song 


1 Complete Electric Guitar Arrangement of Your Song 

Doubled Tracked

Unlimited time

HQ Audio File (DRY and WET)

D.I. Sound on demand

Guitar Solo on demand available

Direct Amp sound on demand

Acoustic Guitars

Click HERE for more details about my studio equipment

My Latest Instrumental original song

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