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Qualified music professor and professional musician

Languages : English – French – Italian 

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Guitar Lessons in Brussels open to any level, provided by a qualified music professor in English, French and Italian.

Learning guitar can be an incredible journey! 

You work hard every day to grow your skills, learning songs, get the ability to play with other musicians, play your favorite solos, play chords and entire arrangements... You become seriously passionate, and you want to progress even more... And at some point you feel stuck, unable to raise your level despite huge efforts

Or simply you always wanted to start and life pushed you in the opposite direction, you never have time enough and at some point you start to feel like it's pointless even to try at your age. 

Well, I perfectly know what feeling this struggle is

For many years I worked very hard to become a professional musician, and I am very sure that the most difficult part is understanding what REALLY WORKS in your study method, how to optimize the time you dedicate to exercises while having a normal life, which practices you have to avoid at all cost and definitely how to set up your goals. 

It took me years to find my personal magic recipe, and being honest, my studies did not help much. I had to figure everything out by a trial-and-error process, which costed me a lot of time.

There's the good news!

I can help you to avoid the same mistakes I made and guide you through your own successful path! After more than 20 years of guitar learning (and still there's a lot to do!! ) and more than 2000 students had during my teaching journey, I will help you with one-to-one guitar lessons in Brussels. My lessons are open to any level and any guitar style. 

If you are an aspiring shredder, or if you just want to learn your favorite songs, you are in the right place! 

Why choosing me as your guitar coach?

  • I am a professional musician and qualified music professor (Royal Conservatory of Brussels), with more than 15 years of teaching experience and more than 2000 past music student. 
  • All music styles are covered! Open to any level, acoustic or electric guitar
  • Simple, straight-forward method. It will be easy for you to learn.
  • Accessible prices



  • Guitar Rhythms
  • Solos
  • Guitar Fretboard Mapping
  • 2

    Guitar Styles
  • Fingerstyle Guitar (traditional methods and/or solo style)
  • Focus on one style specifically
  • 3

    Theory and Harmony
  • Music Theory and Harmony
  • Composition
  • Analysis 
  • Improvisation
  • 4

    Applied skills
  • Repertory and Songs Learning
  • Live Stage Performance
  • Studio Recording Theory and Practice
  • Whether you have a personal goal, I will help you to progress and becoming a better guitar player

    My name is Ignazio Di Salvo, I am a professional musician and graduated music teacher with more than 15 years of experience.

    I provide guitar lessons in Brussels of any level and age group.

    I am passionate about teaching, I am fluent in three languages (I am also learning Spanish and Dutch) and I love to help my students to progress in their guitar journey. 

    During my teaching experience, I have had almost 3000 students during the last 15 years (I started pretty early).

    I perfectly know how trying to play guitar without a guide can be difficult, and with the internet, you get easily overwhelmed by the TONS of free information you most all the time can’t codify in a proper study method.

    My mission is to help you during this process, by giving you the skills to progress superfast while having a lot of fun in the meantime!!

    – Graduated in Business Management in Bocconi University, Milan

    – Master in Jazz Guitar, Polytechnic of Arts, Milan

    – Master in Jazz Guitar, Conservatory of Alessandria

    – Master in Music Didactics, Royal Conservatory of Brussels

    – UK Qualified Teacher Status 


    – First Price Ziua Chitarelor International Competition. Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson’s Guitarist) and Andreas Oberg in the Jury panel. 

    – Audience Award Guitar Idol III, London

    – Best Guitar Player, Berklee Umbria Jazz 2010

    – Collaborates with JTC_Guitar among Guitarists Stars like Guthrie Govan, Kiko Loureiro and Andy James.

    – Endorser for Ibanez, Victory Amps, GruvGear.

    Read my full bio HERE

    How it works


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    Contact me to check my availability

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    We will check my availability together, and we will fix the first lesson.

    Let's establish your goal!

    We will shortly discuss your overall goals and where do you want to go exactly in your guitar learning path. 

    Book your lesson

    Once we established the lesson time and your goals, we are all set to go. 

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    Pricing Plan




    Single lesson whenever you want, 60 min

    • Lesson whenever you want
    • Refundable with 48h notice
    • 60 min
    • All levels admitted



    Most Popular choice! 


    4 lessons in a month

    • Validity one month
    • 4 full lessons, 60 min each one 
    • Refundable with 48h notice
    • Immediate Start
    • All levels admitted



    4 short lessons pack

    4 full lessons 30 min each one

    • Ideal for kids
    • 4 full 30 minutes lessons
    • Refundable with 48h notice
    • All levels admitted




    One sentence summary of what they get

    • Lifetime Access
    • Immediate Start
    • Access to All Modules




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    • Lifetime Access
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    • Access to All Modules
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    • Access to Private Facebook Group




    One sentence summary of what they get

    • Lifetime Access
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    • Access to All Modules
    • 1h Coaching Calls

    What my past students say about me:

    Ignazio is a very skilled teacher. He’s efficient and understanding but also one of the few persons that are very able to express a true passion for the instrument. He knows how to stimulate you for improving, by Skype too!!

    Lorenzo Feroleto

    During the last years I’ve been fascinated by the eight finger tapping technique. After a lot of time spent in searching for good methods, I decided to study with Ignazio. Regarding this technique he’s one of the best players in the world for me. He’s been a very good choice and he gave me a lot. I only can tell him thank you : he’s a great teacher and a good friend.

    Bruno Monello

    Ignazio is an incredible guitar player and everyone can see it. Versatile, technically perfect, accurate with a great melodic sense. Furthermore he’s a very understanding and dedicated guitar professor and also nice, gentle and modest. He’s surprisingly able to explain you very difficult music concepts to make them easy to understand for everyone. One of the best guitar instructors you can find around!!.

    Luca Politanò

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