The most complete On line Guitar Course for beginners.

Guitar Player from scratch!™ contains everything you need to know to start to play guitar with the right technique, approach and mindset. 

Learn to be able to beautifully Play Guitar…even if you start from zero!


Lifetime access. For complete beginners

7 days money back guaranty full protection

Start the road to become a structured and complete Guitar Player, able to play harmonies and melodies, able to play songs with different techniques and have a solid base to build over for the next coming success.  

Start to play guitar with a real method, proven in 15 years of experience with more than 2000 students. 

Guitar Player from scratch 

I will guide you hand-in-hand through the path that will lead you to become a true Guitar Player, even if you are completely unexperienced.


I still remember when I started to play guitar...

The feeling of being able to play an instrument was awesome! I could express myself, I could play with other people, travel, have fun and new incredible experiences! It was just a dream becoming true!

The path hasn't been not always easy for me tho. I've encountered many difficult moments. More than you can even imagine.

When I started, the Internet was still very young and things like on line lessons didn't exist at all. You had to find a good instructor to make progresses, and it wasn't always easy. I've been lucky to find some great teacher that helped me a lot along the years. But the process hasn't been always so obvious... Still you had to figure out many things by yourself. 

I was living in a small town, and I had simply get to learn through my teacher. I hadn't a right way to confront myself with the others, my parameters to monitor my progresses were only determined by my teacher's feedback and nothing more. So many times I've been surrounded by teachers that didn't give me nothing, they only saw me as a way to pay their rent, not like someone to take care of. 

When I seriously decided to get serious with guitar, I had to travel 6 hours in a day taking a bus to have lessons with a good teacher. He was living 200km away from my town and all of this for 2h of lesson in which he was talking at the phone for almost one hour every time, managing his gigs while I was paying.  


I've been passing through a lot, and I perfectly know that starting to play guitar at the very beginning can be incredibly frustrating: at first your fingers have to become comfortable with the pressure on the strings and build calluses. Then your right and left hands have to become able to work together. Then all the rest...

It can be overwhelming for everyone, especially if you try by yourself. You might start to think you're not talented enough and give up and without a real guidance you will drift around withouth a proper method. 

Why you shouldn't give up and trust yourself

The good news is that you can avoid all the mistakes I made in the past and start to work only on what really counts.

Playing guitar, like any other things in life requires time and consistency. Trust me: it's not about the amount of talent you have or how much the others consider you gifted.

It's all about having the right method, the right discipline and the right mind approach. You simply have to have the necessary consistency, and a right teacher that can show you how to avoid mistakes can be pure gold.

I created this course to help all people like you that love music and crave to learn to play guitar properly, but for some reason don't have the time or the funds to pay an entire year of private lessons or subscribe to a music school.

I wanted to make an excellent course, accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Why learning for free on Youtube is not the right strategy at all

I perfectly understand how does it feel to want to be able to play guitar but not having the necessary knowledge to elaborate a correct learning strategy.

The paradox is that we live in an era in which you could learn everything by yourself on Youtube or by buying cheap courses. The reality after all is that Youtube videos are made by guitar teachers who only need to have more followers and monetise them.

They are not focused on your learning process, instead they are focused on growing their business. 

As result, the free lessons you will find online are mostly made to give you a little sneak of the entire process. You will end up mostly confused and frustrated and in the end you might want to give up. 

The most part of all cheap courses you will find on line are made by not trained educators or even not professional musicians.

Chances you will learn to play with a bad technique that will lead you to more problems are really high. Also, most of the times you won't understand the real "WHY" behind the concepts explained. So you will have lots of notions but not real SKILLS.

Not to mention the time and the money wasted to end up completely frustrated at the end. 

Guitar Player from Scratch™ is the most complete online course for beginners

With Guitar Player for Scratch™ you can learn guitar everywhere every time on all your devices! 

What you will find inside

Guitar Player from Scratch™

  • 45 in-dept video lessons, with accurate explanation of every passage and every detail (10 to 25 min approx for every video).
  • Every lesson will contain a Resume with Music Theory, Advises and a To-do-list to properly make your home works.
  • Tabs, Diagrams, Transcriptions and Music notation of every lesson.
  • 10 songs explained to immediately apply what you’re learning.
  • 4 beautiful melodies to play in Finger style, Alternate Picking and Flat Picking, complete with tabs and notation.
  • Drums Audio Clips to play over.
  • Personal assistance for all the students.
  • Songs backing tracks
  • The course is constantly updated and renewed.

Once you will finish this course you will achieve the following skills

The basics of Guitar Technique and the foundations for the future

You will know how to put your hands correctly, correct posture, correct study approach. You will have some solid basic technique.

Playing in 3 different styles: Picking, Fingers and Flat Picking. You will be able to play melodies, comping, strumming and flat picking songs.

All with a lot of Groove!

Have The Basics of Music Theory..Having fun!

You will understand chords, scales, how to read tabs and diagrams. The basics of harmony.

The basics of Notation and Rhythm

A correct study method

Most teachers teach you what to do but not HOW really do.

I will teach you the right strategies and smart techniques to grow faster your skills and be able to be your own instructor

Actually...Playing guitar FOR REAL!

Playing famous songs and melodies and make them become part of your skillset!

Here’s what people are saying about the course


I didn't imagine that learn how to play guitar by myself with a virtual instructor would be so effective... But the experience proved me the contrary! This course is crazy well made and Ignazio is an awesome teacher! Thank you for all your help! 

Since these 3 testimonials are just after you’ve introduced your course, they should focus on how the course helped customers to obtain a huge benefit.


In few weeks I've been able to play guitar! Now I can play songs and I know how to progress in the correct way! Thank you very much! 

Howard J.

Ignazio is a great teacher, he will teach you the right strategies to learn all you need! 

Since these 3 testimonials are just after you’ve introduced your course, they should focus on how the course helped customers to obtain a huge benefit.

Course Structure

Guitar Player from Scratch™ is divided in four modules


Module 1 : The basics of Guitar

The basics of the instrument, how to approach guitar playing, how to correctly position your hands, how to correctly study guitar (the time saver!), how to have the right posture and physiology to play guitar(avoid long therm problems), Alternate Picking, Flat Picking and Finger style basics, basic Music Theory


Module 2 : First Chords, Technique, Melodies and Songs

All the most important guitar chords, how to memorise the position of each chords and smart strategies, strumming and Finger style Techniques and Patterns, 2 Songs, 1 Famous Melody to play, first approach with playing a melody and scales, picking techniques.


Module 3 : Vital important concepts, technique refining, songs, tips and tricks!

More Chords, the use of Barré, the use of the Capo, 3 New songs, Caged System Explained, Turnarounds, Playing on the tempo, Playing with a Drum Machine and Drums Audio Loops.


Module 4 : Advanced concepts

Making progresses correctly, Technique Exercises, Percussive Strumming, 5 New songs, Play 3 new original easy and beautiful melodies, New Chord positions, All types of Power Chords, Rock Comping Techniques, Playing arpeggios with Fingers and the pick, Natural Harmonics.

About The Course Teacher,
Ignazio Di Salvo

Ignazio Di Salvo is a professional guitar player, singer-songwriter, producer and music educator. He's considered as one of the best and technically innovative 

guitar players of his generation.

Winner of the Ziua Chitarelor Award and Guitar Idol III finalist and best song Award winner, he's been featured on many dedicated websites and opened the Clinics and Concerts for Guthrie Govan, Reb Beach and Tom Quayle.

Writer and composer for JTC_Guitar and Accordo, he published one first solo album in 2014 and and EP with the Metal Band Silent Utopia. His second solo album will come out during the next weeks. As music educator, he's graduated in Jazz Guitar at Milan Polytechnic of Arts and in Music Teaching at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. He's the Director of the Contemporary Guitar Academy, a project that will come out during the next year.  For more information click here.

What ex students are saying about Ignazio

Ignazio is a very skilled teacher. He’s efficient and understanding but also one of the few persons that are very able to express a true passion for the instrument. He knows how to stimulate you for improving, by Skype too!!

Lorenzo Feroleto

During the last years I’ve been fascinated by the eight finger tapping technique. After a lot of time spent in searching for good methods, I decided to study with Ignazio. Regarding this technique he’s one of the best players in the world for me. He’s been a very good choice and he gave me a lot. I only can tell him thank you : he’s a great teacher and a good friend.

Bruno Monello

Ignazio is an incredible guitar player and everyone can see it. Versatile, technically perfect, accurate with a great melodic sense. Furthermore he’s a very understanding and dedicated guitar professor and also nice, gentle and modest. He’s surprisingly able to explain you very difficult music concepts to make them easy to understand for everyone. One of the best guitar instructors you can find around!!.

Luca Politanò

Why Guitar Player from Scratch™ is the best, fastest and cheapest solution for any aspiring Guitar Player

My course will also make you become a Guitar Player spending a small fraction of what you would spend with one-to-one lessons or in a music school.

Let's do some maths here:

A Qualified and Graduated Music Instructor (as I am) would easily charge you 40€ to 70€ for one hour, depending on many factors. The average price for a good instructor is 50€/h (56$).

Let's assume you want to follow a course for week = 200€/month

Let's assume you want to follow a 10 months course = 2000€/year.

Very Expensive

One lesson a week for 10 months means 40 lessons in total.

With my course, you are gonna have 45 video lessons for 82€ as final price.

Sounds more than fair, isn't it?

With my course you are going to spend only the 4.1% of what you would spend with a regular course, and you can also use it as a base to start just in case you would however decide to take private lessons.

What are you still waiting for? 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which kind of guitar should I use?

You can use any kind of guitar: acoustic, classical or electric. 

I will play an acoustic guitar all the time but even if you start with another type is fine. It doesn’t have to be super expensive but well set up for sure. I talk about it inside the course.

I'm too old/young to start this course?

There’s no age limit. You can start this course anytime in your life. 

What if I need for more assistance? 

You can book a Skype lesson on my website and I’ll be happy to assist you.

Why should I buy your course if I can learn on Youtube for free? 

Although you can find good resources on Youtube, the most part of free teaching there is made for up-selling courses or promoting private lessons/schools. 

You will end up having a giant confusion at the end, and you won’t acquire the necessary method to make progresses in the long therm.

You also can develop several bad technical habits.

This course is made to give you a path to follow and a vision more than only teach you guitar. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 7-Days

If for any reason you are not satisfied with my course, you've 7 days to ask for a complete refund. No questions asked!

Closing Thoughts

Playing guitar is one of the most rewarding goals I’ve ever achieved. 

And, like any other craft, it takes a correct guidance and the correct mind approach.

It’s hard work. 

It requires consistency, passion, and determination. 

But it’s worth every minute of practice to get there. 

After two decades of playing guitar and more than 2000 students I've been working with, I can confidently say that there are few things as rewarding as being able to express yourself through your music, and being able to confidently connect on a deeper level with other musicians and other people through this beautiful art.

And if you’re ready to go on that journey, I’d love to be your guide along the way. 

I hope you’ll join me inside the course.