Learn how to master all the most recent contemporary guitar techniques.


  • Learn Easily all the most advanced guitar techniques, even if you are a beginner
  • Learn how to develop a correct study method
  • Learn even faster with 21 licks fully transcribed and apply every topic on the backing track
  • Master all the most crazy techniques and learn how to develop your style and your ideas
  • Lifetime access and full assistance from the teacher 

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced, this course is for you!

Unleash and grow your potential by learning or revisiting contemporary guitar techniques. Make progress and bring your game to the next level by applying the right technique which you will find in this learning program.

Most guitar players struggle with applying their technical routing into actual playing.
They know how to do the exercises but find themselves stuck on how to actually translate all their efforts into music.
It may feel sometimes like the fun and creative part of playing music is missing.
Sounds familiar?

My aim is to help you dive inside your potential by teaching you how to use each technique and to achieve your goals faster.

In this course, I will guide you through each step to build an advanced level of technique. It goes way beyond the many other courses you may find as I’m committed to teaching you the most recent techniques such as Slap, Swybryd picking, Advanced legato, Eight Fingers Tapping, Picking and much more.

By the end of the course, you will have your very own work method and get closer to your personal goals.

Inside the course you will find More than 7 hours of detailed video lessons, 21 full licks played both fast and slow with full backing tracks to play over!

What to expect when you sign up

Lifetime access to your personal space.

That means your course whenever you want, wherever you are, as often as you want. It will remain permanently accessible!

More than 7 hours of complete lessons, 20 minutes each.

I will explain in detail every concept and apply it in order for you to achieve your personal work method and become fully independent. Each lesson will contain fully transcribed exercises and diagrams.

21 fully transcribed Licks

On top of the lessons, you’ll get access to 21 licks played both fast and slow over a backing track. Each Lick will be fully transcribed.

Course upgrades

You’ll never get bored by becoming my student! The full-time access course will constantly be upgraded and improved in order to give you the best possible learning experience.

How the course is organized


Module 1: Alternate Picking, Economy Picking
In this module you will get a better understanding of the right-hand techniques in the 2 most important variations: Alternate Picking and Economy Picking and will be taught how to strongly develop them and how to keep improving them.
You will find a lot of fully transcribed exercises and 8 dedicated licks played both fast and slow. You will also learn the concepts that made guitar players like John Petrucci, Guthrie Govan, Al Di Meola, Frank Gambale and Rick Graham. Likewise, you will be given tips on how to develop groove and control from your right hand.


Module 2: Hammer-On Legato, Pull-Off Legato, Eight Fingers Tapping Technique
In this section, you will discover the different types of legato applied by the most important guitar virtuosos such as Allan Holdsworth, Tom Quayle, Brett Garsed, John Petrucci and Paul Gilbert.
You will also dig into the development of the Eight Fingers tapping technique through in-depth explanations and dedicated Licks to analyze and play over the backing track.


Module 3: Slap On electric Guitar
You will be guided on how to develop a good slap technique with fully transcribed exercises and 4 Licks both played fast and slow. 


Module 4: Hybryd and Swybryd Techniques
In this module, you will learn how to use the mixed pick and fingers techniques to create your own lines and chops. You will also find other fully transcribed exercises and Licks both played fast and slow.

Bonus Lesson

Get special access to my unique bonus lesson “Time Management For Musicians” by subscribing!

Time management for Musicians

Learn how to manage your dedicated time to guitar in order to improve effectively.

In this bonus, I will share with you the techniques that led me to achieve a high technical proficiency over the years, while at the same time:

  1. Obtaining a College degree in Economics. 
  2. Founding a music school.
  3. Taking 2 Conservatory degrees and a Master in Music Didactics. 
  4. Learning 2 new languages, fluently.
  5. Growing my singing career.
  6. Developing skills as a music writer and producer.
  7. Managing several music projects.

So If I made it, you surely can make it too :)

About me, Ignazio Di Salvo

I’m a professional guitar player, singer, songwriter, producer, and music educator. I’m honored to have been considered as one of the best and technically innovative guitar players of my generation. Winner of the Ziua Chitarelor Award and Guitar Idol III finalist and best song award winner,  I’ve been featured on many dedicated websites and had the pleasure to open the Clinics and concerts of Guthrie Govan, Reb Beach, and Tom Quayle.

As a music educator, I graduated in Jazz Guitar at Milan Polytechnic of Arts and Music Teaching at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels.
Writer and composer for JTC_Guitar, I published my first solo album “A gift to the world” in 2014 and an EP with the Metal Band I’m leading: Silent Utopia.

My second album as a solo artist “Trust” came out in 2020.
I founded the European Guitar Academy school, which I currently manage.

 For more information click here.

What people are saying about learning with me:

Ignazio is a very skilled teacher. He’s efficient and understanding but also one of the few persons that are very able to express a true passion for the instrument. He knows how to stimulate you for improving, by Skype too!!

Lorenzo Feroleto

During the last years I’ve been fascinated by the eight finger tapping technique. After a lot of time spent in searching for good methods, I decided to study with Ignazio. Regarding this technique he’s one of the best players in the world for me. He’s been a very good choice and he gave me a lot. I only can tell him thank you : he’s a great teacher and a good friend.

Bruno Monello

Ignazio is an incredible guitar player and everyone can see it. Versatile, technically perfect, accurate with a great melodic sense. Furthermore he’s a very understanding and dedicated guitar professor and also nice, gentle and modest. He’s surprisingly able to explain you very difficult music concepts to make them easy to understand for everyone. One of the best guitar instructors you can find around!!.

Luca Politanò

So, to make it short:

  1. Learning with an experienced, graduated and professional musician
  2. Discover the craziest contemporary guitar techniques
  3. More than 7 hours of complete video lessons
  4. Dozens of fully transcribed exercises for a perfect practice
  5. 21 Licks fully transcribed
  6. Backing tracks
  7. A unique Bonus Lesson
  8. Lifetime Access to your personal space

Total course value 489 Euro




  • Lifetime Access
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regular course

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  • Lifetime Access
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Advanced course

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  • Lifetime Access
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  • X number of bonuses
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • 30 minute private coaching call

100% Satisfaction Guarantee within 15 days.

You have 15 days to decide whether this course fits your needs or not and to get refunded. No questions asked!

Closing Thoughts

Playing guitar is one of the most rewarding efforts I’ve ever put my heart into. And like any other craft, it takes the correct guidance and the right mental approach. It is hard work. It requires consistency, passion, determination and it’s worth every minute of practice to get there!

After 2 decades of playing guitar and having taught more than 2000 students, I can confidently say that being able to express yourself through the beautiful art of music and to

connect on a deeper level with other musicians and people is a unique and worthy life experience. If you’re ready to go on that journey, I’d be happy to guide you along the way.

See you in the course!