Guitar Pro Review (2023)

Ultimate Guitar Pro Review (2023) – Worth it?

I have tried many notation softwares in the past. During my studies at the Conservatory I have been using Finale and Sibelius and, despite they were incredibly effective, I got very bored by the amount of time required to master these softwares and for the efforts required to learn their language. 

Especially learning Finale, has been a true pain in the butt for me and I wish I would have had a solution to that. It was pointlessly complicated, and even for some very basic function you had to mess up with several different passages and command keys to get along and do what you needed. 

One good day, I bought Guitar Pro, and my study and professional life changed completely. 

Guitar Pro is probably the easiest, most intuitive, and most complete notation software out there. I use it to transcribe my songs, I use it with my students, and I use it for my online courses. I think it is an amazing product, and I feel like recommending it. 

In this article I will make the ultimate Guitar Pro Review, I will explain to you which are the pro and cons of this software and whether you should give it a try or not in 2023. Let’s start! 

Guitar Pro Prices: €69.95


  • Instant download license
  • 200 RSE soundbanks
  • 80 effects and amps modeling

Available for:

  • Windows 8 / 10 / 11 (64 bits)
  • Mac OS X 10.13 or later
  • 5 computers allowed
  • Technical support
  • A free guitar method

Link to buy it: 

Pro#1 Easy, intuitive, fast

Pro#2 Very adapt for guitar but also to write other instruments

Pro#3 Access to a Song library with thousands of songs to study

Pro#4 Very accessible price

Con#1 Maybe not your cup of tea if you are a composer who writes for orchestras 

Con#2 Fewer functions compared to Finale or Sibelius

First, what’s Guitar Pro?

Guitar Pro Review (2023)

Guitar Pro is a notation software: we can write both notes and tabs, play them and listen to what we have written in real-time. 

Guitar Pro is for sure more than just that. It contains many other features, and with the Upgrade to Version 8, we also have access to additional functions. 

The basic function of this software is to let the user write both notes or tabs on the staff. We can choose among different types of guitars (Steel, Electric, Nylon…) and once we encoded the notes, we can listen to them in real-time.

On the left tool panel, we have access to all the possible nuances that can be expressed while playing guitar (bendings, vibratos, slides…) and we can change the key, tempo, and much more. What’s interesting in Guitar Pro is the possibility to put some section in a loop and repeat it infinitely, slowing it down, and even playing along with it. We can change the speed, fix a metronome in real-time, and even add a real track to sync with our tab, so we see exactly what’s been played.

Writing down entire solos becomes pretty easy, as everything is easily linked to the keyboard of our computer, and we will write entire parts in a matter of seconds. 

We can also add guitar chords boxes and diagrams (in version 8) and we can in general write entire songs easily.

We can also add specific effects obtained only in certain guitar styles (like in Flamenco for example) and it becomes very easy to indicate them on the sheet. Furthermore, we can also write for guitars with 7, 8, and 12 strings and other different instruments.

When everything is done, we can export the entire project both as a midi file or a PDF. Not to mention, we can read several types of music notation files and directly export them in the specific Guitar Pro format.

Other Key Functions

Guitar Pro Review (2023)

With Guitar Pro, we can also write drums, bass, and keys parts. We can also import midi files and play them all together. This way we will know better how the song sounds, and we can interact more efficiently with the music. We can repeat each section, mute some tracks, and in general, will be absolutely possible to write entire orchestrations.

All is very easy and intuitive. 

We can add chords and organize our scores in different sections. Last but not least, we can decide the graphics we will see after the export: for example, if our score will be in a Jazz style or Classical or Modern.

Thanks to the MIDI acquisition, we can play in real time over the metronome with a MIDI instrument and transfer the notes to the score in real-time. Our Score will be highly customizable, in spaces, number of bars, and overall appearance. 


Guitar Pro Review (2023)

The latest amazing feature of Guitar Pro, is the possibility to add effects to our guitar chain. 

We can easily emulate overdrives, distortions, wha, delays etc. This will make more realistic our sound and it will give a more accurate idea of what we are going to play.

Personally, I don’t use this feature a lot, but sometimes it can be cool to listen to a guitar solo with a more realistic sound instead of the standard MIDI flat sound. 

To know more about the other amazing Guitar Pro’s features, take a look at the vendor’s page here

My Song Book

Guitar Pro Review (2023)

Last but not least, with My Song Book we can have access to thousands of different songs to be played on Guitar Pro.

My Song Book is an enormous songs library in which you can find everything you need to study and progress. 

You will find a lot of different songs from many authors, all greatly transcribed. It is a resource I highly recommend to all my students to learn a repertory and progress.

Guitar Pro is currently available with the 7.5 version for €69.95 and it can be upgraded to version 8 for €34.95. Version 8 contains additional features and other bonuses for you to study and write your own music. 


It’s all for today, folks! I will see you in the next article!


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