Why I like Sweetwater

Why I think Sweetwater is actually the best place to buy your music instruments in 2021

I usually don't advertise specifically for a music store in particular, but after having seen what Sweetwater has to offer to their clients, I decided that I really like this shop and that it was worth to write a blog post about it.

I have the honor to work in partnership with them, and I have had the opportunity to see how they communicate with their clients, the quality of their products, the wide range of the offers available in the shop and their attention to details. 

What really convinced me in working with them is the very good reputation they have.

They got incredibly good reviews both from their physical clients and from online sells.  

So here I am, describing you how I like this store and why you should definitely go there!

Here is what you can find in Sweetwater

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Guitars and Strings instruments

Sweetwater carries the best and most recognized guitar and bass brands. They also have a wide range of accessories to chose from.

Acoustic and Electric Basses

As for the guitars, Sweetwater holds an incredible collection of acoustic and electric basses + accessories from the most important brands. Everything you will ever need is at one click. 

Studio & Recording

Mixers, Audio, Interfaces, Microphones, studio monitors, Preamps and channel strips, Headphones, Studio furniture, acoustic treatment, Computer and Software products. 

All you need to have for your studio is here.

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Drums & Percussion

The latest drum gear, and the latest percussion gear from Pearl, Roland, Zildjian, Latin Percussion (LP), Gibraltar, and more, Sweetwater is the first place to look for that missing piece of drum gear in your life

DJ Equipments

DJ decks, DJ mixers, dedicated effects, and all the other accessories you want. 

Keyboards and Synths

Choosing the perfect music keyboard or synthesizer is a big decision. Whether you’re buying your first keyboard or adding another instrument to your music-making collection, Sweetwater is here to help you navigate the vast array of choices you’ll find in the shop.