Benefits of being a musician

How frustration can kill your dreams as being a musician and how to look at the positive side of the story.

I personally think that nowadays there’s even too much negativity when you try to talk about becoming a professional (or even a semi-professional) musician.

I guess every musician has already lived in his/her life two kinds of frustrating situations:

Situation number one: you tell your parents you want to become a professional musician, and they will answer you: “Nope, keep music as a hobby, go to (a not related to music) University and become a damn Lawyer, Engineer, Economist, a random Corporate average employee or whatever other kinds of socially accepted profession. Don’t worry, you will be able to make music from 17,00PM to 21,00PM”

Result: You end up working in corporate, you get married, you make a bunch of kids and from 17,00PM to 20,00PM you will be so tired that you even won’t take your instrument in your hands for one single minute. Plus, your partner and kids will grab all your attention and life will sadly suck you up. In other words, your dreams go to the toilet flush.


Situation number two: You tell your friends you are going to become a musician.

Here’s a sequence of random answers you will obtain (based on my personal experience… Man, I could write a damn book about this topic:

  • “Cool, we will see you at a talent show in TV”.
  • “Cool, when is your next concert so we come?”(they will most likely try to grab you free drinks, not always, but it happens).
  • “Ah OK, and as music teacher do you have lots of students? Are they adults or kids?” Fact: In the common imaginary if you teach to adults you’re good, if you teach to kids you’re a loser. Reality: instructing sensitive and prepared kids is THE MOST DAMN IMPORTANT JOB IN SOCIETY.
  • “Cool, which instrument do you play?”…And if you’re not a singer “Cool, do you sing also or JUST play an instrument?”. DAMN… Yep, in common imaginary a musician is someone who sings cover songs all day trying to make it at some random talent show while trying to grab chick’s attention at the same time.

Well, this is indeed a very difficult career, and frustration is behind the corner in everything you will try to do, especially when you have to deal with all these kinds of crappy people out there.

Trust me tho: It’s not however so different from any other profession. You’ve to deal with problem solving and different kinds of human personalities every day. So, why bother?

It’s all about this crap?

The real answer is NO. Hell NO. I repeat: HELL NO.

There are many layers of being a musician, and today’s technology is giving us new resources to change the paradigm and diversify our ways to live thanks to our passion.

I’m not talking about becoming a millionaire rock star, I’m talking about making a nice living by making music, or at least by having music in your life.

Although becoming economically endowed is difficult in any field, the are a lot of benefits in being a musician.

Even if you won’t become some sort of famous cat, you will have many opportunities out there waiting for you.

In this article I want to analyze the 5 most important benefits of being a musician.

Disclaimer: this article won’t give you false hopes. This is a difficult career, not for everyone. Only a small percentage of people make money entirely from music and you’ve to be able to manage a lot of frustration along the path, plus you’ve to rely on multiple skills as music market changes rapidly.

On the other hand, there are anyway a lot of benefits. Let’s see together which ones:

Benefit#1: You will connect with other people at a deeper level.

Music is a universal language. In my experience, I’ve been in social circles in which there were too many diversities: cultures, languages, different social backgrounds, different lifestyles.

My guitar or my voice always created a connection. People see the moments spent with you as something unique, something magic, something valuable if you can trigger their deepest emotions.

While music is being played, all the differences vanish and people consider themselves for what they really are. Even for few seconds.

This can also happen in music business. Although it works like any other business (in few words: there’s competition), sometimes real human rapports are built on solid bases. We all also know that competition might drive people to eat each other’s but let’s not forget that positive competition can have a beneficial effect on their personal growth.

Benefit#2: You will create value for society, you can positively change other people’s lives.

This benefit is strictly connected to the #1. Through music, you can seriously make the difference for a lot of people. For example: a good song made out the topic of suicide, can save a lot of people from suicide itself. And so on…

Music makes people more sensitive, caring, more understanding and open towards other people’s needs. Music can carry important messages, you will have the opportunity to have a big part in this profound human changing if you put all your heart in what you do.

Benefit #3: starting a career in music business is tricky, but it makes you strong and ready.

As I said already, Music is not a career for everyone: you’ve to be prepared, you’ve to be prone to do lots of sacrifices, I mean A LOT. You’ve to be able to invest in your formation and to get your name/brand out there. You’ve to have an understanding family when you’re young and you’re moving your first steps into creating the right connections while growing your skills at the same time.

You’ve to work your ass off. This will profoundly discipline you. You will be able to understand what does it mean be consistent, persistent. You will understand what does it mean being passion-driven. You have to understand what does it mean to keep on going when you’re frustrated and you’d love to give up.

This lesson will be precious not only for being a musician, but for being a Human that doesn’t quit in front of the adversities and deeply trust him/herself. There’s maybe something more important than this? I don’t think so.


Benefit#4: Music will help you find mind-liked people

This benefit can be silly or very deep depending on your point of view.

Indeed, Music personally helped me in finding long-lasting friendships. In my experience, all my best mates are longtime friends known during my childhood, mostly through music: we used to play together in school bands, or we used to hang out together at concerts or we just used to listen to the same bands.

Last but not least: Music will increase drastically your sexual/love life if you are communicative, talented, passionate and caring… I think you understood already what I mean 😉 . Pay me 5 cents only for this advice please 😀

Benefit #5: Music will ALWAYS be your best mate.

I will be short: whenever life is a bitch (and most of the times it can be), Music can give you strength, focus, and courage.

I think there’s nothing else to say 🙂


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